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Will this program speed up my computer ?
No, the program will analyze the most important factors that cause a computer running Microsoft Windows to become slow or unresponsive. After analysis it will give you suggestions on what the possible problems are with your system and will give you suggestions on how to solve the problem. However, you will have to do this yourself.

Does this program run on Windows XP or Vista ?
No, you will need Windows 7 or higher to run WhySoSlow. Check here for a list of supported operating systems.

Does this program support the 64-bit editions of Windows ?
Yes, Windows x64 editions are also supported. Check here for a list of supported operating systems.

Should I use a registry cleaner to improve the performance of my computer ?
No, registry cleaners will do nothing to speed up your computer. At the most, they will slightly increase the amount of memory available to your system and programs because some entries were deleted. Registry cleaners are dangerous programs because if essential registry keys or values are deleted, your system may malfunction. In general, data is written to the registry for a reason and should stay there. A third-party registry cleaner cannot have knowledge of the purpose of registry entries saved by other programs installed on a system.

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