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Overview of Features

NOTE: this content is currently being updated.

Among other things WhySoSlow will:

  • Monitor your CPU temperature and check your system for thermal problems
  • Monitor your CPU speed and check if it's throttled down
  • Monitor CPU load and check all the processes running in your system
  • Analyze memory usage and possible problems this may cause
  • Analyze responsiveness of the system at both the kernel and application level
  • Analyze BIOS and device behavior which may be causing performance or latency problems
  • Analyze drivers, interrupts and DPCs for possible performance problems they may cause
  • Analyze the amount of paging and hard pagefaults which may cause your system to slow down
  • Analyze the fragmentation level of your disks if necessary
  • Provide you with AntiFreeze, an Emergency Taskmanager for when your system is really frozen
  • Allow you to set alarms that trigger on condititions of your choice
  • Provide you with a detailed report with suggestions on how to fix your system or improve performance

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